Finding and Hiring an Attorney

Knowing that you could end up with the short end of the stick should be enough warning for you to want to prevent and resolve conflicts that could eventually lead to court petitions, lengthy hearings, expensive attorney fees and all the other inconveniences that come with the territory. However, sometimes litigation is the best option for settling socioeconomic disputes, even though the outcome cannot be guaranteed.

Filing legal charges can become the most plausible solution to an ongoing issue in business, at work, school, home, or anywhere. Finding the right lawyer can be difficult, especially if he or she can't be trusted to properly handle your case or if they set their fees out of reach. Finding someone who specializes in your specific kind of case, someone who will operate on a contingency basis and will attempt to mediate first rather than head straight to court should improve your chances of being successful as well as reduce your overall and/or immediate out-of-pocket cost.

Be clear about what he or she is offering to do on your behalf,
Identify their law specializations, what are required fees,
what pro bono work is provided, if any, and
what payment plan options are available to you.

If your case is set aside, ignored, or forgotten, the first person to suffer the consequences is you, the client. Every now and then, the lawyer has to pay the piper. And If your case was mismanaged by your attorney, you have the option to file a complaint with the state bar association. Examples of charges can include such things as the attorney's failure to communicate with you and/or the courts in a timely manner, and his or her lack of competence.

However, by this time your case has already been lost, and your wallet has already been hijacked. So you may, or may not, feel avenged. To avoid this scenario, check the attorney’s track record to see how other similar cases have been managed under that person’s (firm’s) representation before hiring him/her to manage your case.


All Problems Cannot be Negotiated

Some experts say everything is negotiable, but I must disagree. Sometimes there simply is no gray area. Right is right, and wrong is wrong. Sometimes you just have to stop delaying the inevitable and get on with it. Not everyone will accept the abuse and will eventually decide to fight back. Whether this is good or bad depends on which side of the fence you are sitting on and which litigator has the most compelling evidence that unequivocally proves their client’s case.

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Article Written and Published by Ollie K. Mears
Owner/Founder of Mears Management and Bronzed Connections
Information Enhanced, Moved and Added to Forum June 4, 2014


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