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Welcome to Bronzed Connections Free Online Publication Provided as an Economic Empowerment and Public Relations Marketing Resource

Online Public Relations (PR) and Marketing Resource
for Advocates and Seekers of Economic Empowerment

Bronzed Connections is a Mears Management  Publication Designed For Global Advocates and Seekers of Economic Empowerment

A Global Mission:
Bronzed Connections is designed to serve as a support network, as a motivational tool with positive undertones. This publication is not a resource for "griping" or blaming, but rather a forum for men, women and children to communicate and share varied experiences, to enlighten as well as encourage one another. An opportunity for people of different cultures to connect with their own group and with other groups to find and provide solutions to common economic problems. Before you can truly respect and embrace others, you must first be willing to respect and embrace yourself, your own culture, your full identity, your personal circumstances, where you are in life and where you want to be.

Bridging The Economic Divide Starts With Building Partnerships
to Help Reduce Socio-economic Conflicts and Empower Others

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All humans are people of color and bronzed by the sun

This Resource Is Called
"Bronzed Connections"

Because All Humans are "People of Color" and
Bronzed by the Sun

It's time for us to
embrace our differences, celebrate our likenesses
and work together to provide economic empowerment
for as many people as possible

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