Small Town
and Big City Politics

Living in a small, rural community has advantages and disadvantages, just as larger towns and cities. I guess it depends on who you ask as to what falls under each category. We're all familiar with the adage that "one man's trash is another man's treasure."

The Eastern Shore of Virginia has often been described by writers as "quaint and beautiful." And as Martha Stewart would probably say, "that's a good thing." But it's not enough to sustain the people who reside along the coastline.

Anyway you look at it, there are limited options for socialization, employment, education and job training on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. The shore is mostly comprised of small family businesses. Success is dependent upon being in the right place at the right time and being accepted as part of the extended family.

Some people have never been good at playing political games that are considered standard procedure. So they never learned the passwords and were often unwilling to accept the methodologies offered to get ahead. Not fault, just fact.

When young people leave the area seeking opportunities and options for financial success, folk act as though they don't understand why they do so. If everywhere they turn there is no evident support system, they wisely seek needed assistance and security elsewhere.

Networking is a factor in beating odds that seem to be stacked against you. And I say "seem" because some are often guilty of blocking their own fortune. The internet has quickly become a dynamic resource to connect with others. It is not intended to replace relationships between real people, in real time, in real space, doing really productive things together. But computers are our current escape from small town, and even big town limitations. So there is definite need to become more computer savvy.

The same time you spend online chatting about nonsensical things is time better spent discussing your immediate and long-term goals. Who knows ... the person you are communicating with might lead you to the person who could change the course of your life. Let your computer be your best resource for getting out of the rut and undesirable conditions you are in. If you don't own a computer, go to your local library or borrow a friend's. You no longer have to pay to find a job. They are posted online for free because the employers pay the fee to get connected to potential staff.

If it is necessary to relocate, develop a plan of how you will mange your life in the new area. Do you already have contacts there who would be willing to provide temporary housing, food, etc. while you look for employment or while you get orientated with your new position? What assets (financial resources) do you have prior to leaving that will make the transition smoother? Would you be able to return to your current residence if things did not pan out as expected? Are you emotionally prepared to move from your familiar surroundings? Are you at a point that you have to go whether you want to or not?

Yes, whether you are leaving a small town to go to a big city or leaving a big city to go to a small town (or go to another country), many questions must be asked, but it will be worth knowing the answers. Your computer has many resources you can use to do the research on the area you are considering for relocation. Google and Yahoo are waiting to hear from you.

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Article Written by Ollie K. Mears
Owner/Founder of Mears Management
Publisher of Bronzed Connections
Last Updated October 9, 2012

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