Economic Empowerment to Bridge The Gap

Disparities in the distribution of American income/wealth based on race, gender and other factors have plagued the United States since its inception. How to bridge this gap is still debated according to who is deemed responsible for resolving the core problems. We’ve all heard the saying that "the rich get richer while the poor get poorer."

Finding ways to bridge the economic divide between lower, middle and upper class has been approached by economists, politicians, activists and advocates of equal rights. Yet, the gap between the rich and poor steadily widens and those in the middle seem to be disappearing as the economy evolves and jobs are eliminated by downsizing and closings.

Could it be that the rich do not want those living in poverty to overcome their dependency, or is it that the poor merely like being dependent on others for their livelihood? It could be a combination of both possibilities or maybe neither is a correct assumption. Unless you have walked in the other person’s shoes, judging (or misjudging) their motivations, or lack thereof, can lead to making major mistakes in decisions about how to resolve their problems.

Along with individual accountability for one’s personal circumstances, government involvement and community advocates have played a role in reducing the economic problems of American citizens.

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This Article Published Monday, October 1, 2012

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