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Owner’s Name: Curtis "Kojo" Morrow
Business Type:  Photographer, Videographer, Author and Artist
Years in Operation:  From 1965 to Present
Present Location:  Chicago, Illinois

Entrepreneurial Challenge:

Starting a Business in Africa

After four years in the military, including tours to Korea (as a Buffalo Soldier in the U.S. Army) and to Japan, Curtis Morrow's career as an entrepreneur evolved from 11 years in Africa. Between 1965 and 1976, he lived in Ghana, Togo and the Ivory Coast. During this time, he learned the art of jewelry making as done by the locals where he resided and traveled in Africa. Through this new skill, Curtis was able to become self-sufficient, and he later employed as well as trained others to assist him. He brought this new skill with him when he returned home to the United States. Mr. Morrow says that selling jewelry here in the states was much easier than in Africa. So, his business flourished for many years. When he made a final change in residence, access to proper facilities for this kind of business venture was no longer available, and he began to rely on other skills he'd gained as a photographer, videographer and artist. This is … continue to read full profile where you’ll find a link to his book, "My Sankofa," about his African business and personal adventures plus a link to his art gallery.

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