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  • BC Newsletter About Managing Socio-economic Conflict That Impacts Social and Financial Status

    Bronzed Connections Newsletter:
    Managing Socio-economic Conflict
    that impacts social and financial status

    Income and Individual Accountability

    Being economically sound is based on oneís ability to create sufficient financial cash flow while simultaneously managing that ongoing income to cover short-term and long term expenditures. Oneís personal income can be produced from various sources such as employment, self-employment, retirement funds, investments, etc.

    What if we lived in a society where every adult was guaranteed a full time job and offered an income that covered all basic essentials or lived in a society where there is no income required for housing, food, clothing, health insurance and other basic needs? Obviously, America is not such a society, and all able bodied American citizens are expected to pull their own weight. However, itís not always possible for everyone to do so without  . . . Click to read more

    This Resource Is Called
    "Bronzed Connections"

    Because ...
    Globally, people are mixtures of various races, and our skin tones are all beautiful hues of tanned complexions ranging from very light to very dark. How brown we are is dependent upon the amount of natural melanin that's in our skin at birth and our exposure to sunlight. Since "Bronzed" means tanned, then it is apparently a legitimate description that applies to everyone living here on planet Earth.

    Bronzed is an obvious term that reflects our external commonality,
    which helps us see a connection to each other
    that has always been there ...
    hidden in plain sight

     Although referring to people as "Black or "White" may be considered to be politically correct, it is not always socially acceptable. A major part of the cultural divide stems from the use of these two erroneous descriptives because, by definition, they are total opposites to each other in their meaning ... White means pure and good, while Black means dirty and bad. Unfortunately, many are not teaching the historical truth about how they came to be labeled as "Black" even though "Black" is not their actual color and "Black" is not a race or nationality. The same holds true for the "White" label. Hence, many children dislike the color of their own skin because of the false interpretation of who they are and eventually become adults who might carry on such dislike for themselves.

    All humans are People of Color and bronzed by the sun

    All Humans are "People of Color" and Bronzed by the Sun

    It's time for us to
    embrace our differences, celebrate our likenesses
    and work together to gain economic empowerment

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    Bronzed  Connections


    Check out BC" forum topics above to see why this could become your favorite website to visit. This would be a good conversation starter for those who canít seem to find anything constructive to discuss while chatting online, talking on the phone or especially when socializing face-to-face.

    Since all human beings are connected and journeying on the same tracks in life ... just traveling on different trains, the topics presented in this "Mears Management" newsletter will pertain to local, state, national and international issues . These articles can be helpful to everyone, everywhere who may be facing similar difficulties and having similar concerns.

    The original publication of "Bronzed Connections" was issued locally as hard copy November 1, 2006. Excerpts from that issue will be found within this online publication along with additional articles and updates. The decision was made to share with as many people possible. What better way than the global internet system?

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