Building Small Business Ventures:
The Ultimate Employment Goal

Starting a business from scratch is a lot more risky than taking over an existing business because you don't have any proof, other than gut feeling, that you will be successful. There are no already established clients from a previous owner and no public offices already set up. But consider the significance of changing your future by changing your focus.

Many businesses on the Eastern Shore of Virginia have closed due to unresolved conflicts and mismanagement. African American owned businesses are few in number, some struggle to merely exist, and storefront businesses are virtually non-existent. To build and maintain your own stores and other types of businesses with the intent to profit from them together is a new goal that needs to be set. Actually it's not a new goal. It's an old goal initiated by our African ancestors. A mission that was soon destroyed by the misinterpretation of what "integration" meant and by all the unfulfilled promises that decision created.

Money doesn't automatically show up because you opened a business, especially if your business is new and not your typical kind of venture. People flock to purchase food, clothes, shoes, technology, toys, etc. But they don't form a line so easily to buy advice. In short, people tend to buy what they want more than what they need. Of course, the option is theirs. Yet sometimes life will force you to seek that which you think you can do without. And we all learn sooner or later how important good advice can be. That's why the information highway, the internet, was created. So we can communicate with many people all over the world about many subjects. To get ideas and advice such as that being provided by this website.

So, some might ask why a bronzed skin, single woman would pursue entrepreneurship on the Eastern Shore of Virginia? And I ask, "why not?" There's a shortage of jobs but no shortage of problems on the shore or elsewhere, and resolving problems is my specialty. With time, fortitude and support from others who care about your success, anyone can persevere. It's actually a good time for people, regardless of race, gender or age, to consider becoming business owners and employers rather than being complacent with a status of being mainly unemployed, underemployed or underpaid.

Forward this website to others with pioneering spirits

I challenge you to find others who want to build through a cooperative effort
and begin taking steps toward a joint venture.
The first step is to develop a plan and a backup plan.

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Page Last Updated September 27, 2012

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