Impact of Big Business Failures

Our Current National Economic Crisis was caused by Mismanagement of many Major Corporations. Federal tax dollars are being spent to bail some businesses out of trouble. Millions of jobs are being terminated, homes are also being foreclosed and prices of ordinary goods and services have increased to accommodate the precarious situation.

Those who are hugely impacted by this situation are, of course, those who were have low income or no income. Wealthy people may have and show compassion for such folks, but they are not pinching pennies and have the funds to continue living as they always did.

Was this dilema created through negligence, greed or lack of knowledge? Many feel that it was a combination of all three. Promises are now being made by our President, Barack Obama, to help create new jobs and help boost businesses and the economy. Which means more tax dollars will be spent to equalize the downward spiral.

Yes, Americans have been asking for change, but is everyone prepared for these changes? Obama has a "transition team," but ordinary citizens do not. The same folk who could not get jobs before the crisis, will more than likely be the same ones who will not be able to get jobs after the crisis is over because they are not qualified, uneducated, untrained and unskilled.

Education is the foundation for employment and entrepreneurship. A child out of school, Is a child left behind and unprepared for the job market or for business ownership, which means more tax dollars spent to support their unreadiness either through welfare supplements or incarceration expenses.

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